Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms

1.1. The terms and conditions provided in this agreement govern and apply to all registered users (hereinafter referred to as 'Client' or 'Customer') of Skylineprofits.co.uk (hereinafter referred to as 'Company') services.
1.2. To start using the services offered by Skylineprofits.co.uk, the Client must wholeheartedly accept the terms stated in this agreement. The Company is not to be held liable and disclaims all liability resulting from the breach of terms of this agreement on the part of the Client.
1.3. The Company has the right to change any part of this agreement after having notified the Client one week prior to the said change.

2. Description of services

2.1. Skylineprofits.co.uk systems are scalable distributed computing systems. The systems are well optimized for Bitcoin mining. The data center of the Company is where all the servers are located.
2.2. The Company gives customers the opportunity of receiving cryptocurrency income through the Skylineprofits.co.uk platform (www.ahash.io). This income comes from the operation of the reserved client computing services.
2.3. The rate is measured in Bitcoin mining MHash /s (millions hashes per second).

3. Terms of resource reservation

3.1. To be able to earn any income with the Skylineprofits.co.uk system, the account of the Client must have an 'Active' status. Every Client's account is deemed 'Active' when there is no less than BTC 0.001 in the account.
3.2. To top-up his/her account, the Client must make use of the Bitcoin payment system.
3.3. The profit each Customer earns is calculated based on the total amount in the Customer's account balance, as well as the time when the deposits were made. Compound interest earnings are calculated using the Company's Calculator page.
3.4. Withdrawals can only be made through the same payment system the Customer used to top-up funds.
3.5. All withdrawals from the Skylineprofits.co.uk system is done instantly as soon as the Client requests a withdrawal.

4. Parties to the agreement

4.1. A user becomes a Client when they have successfully completed the account opening procedures on www.ahash.io
4.2. The user will be required to provide only accurate information about themselves when opening an account on the Company's system.
4.3. All intending Customers must be adults and legal citizens of the country in which they reside.
4.4. The Client, by opening an account with Skylineprofits.co.uk, agrees not to use any of the Company's services for illegal purposes.
4.5. The Company pledges to provide services to the Customer only under the terms of this agreement.
4.6. The Company does not and will never personal information of the Client with any third party, as stipulated on the Company's Privacy Policy.

5. Terms of use Account

5.1. The Client is only allowed one account in their name only. Opening of multiple accounts in order to 'trick' the system and earn commissions from partner accounts is highly prohibited and can lead to account suspension or termination.
5.2. The Customer is not allowed to transfer the account usage rights to any third party in any way.
5.3. The Customer has the right to change the designated payment account in the system.
5.4. The Client cannot delete their account.

6. Terms Affiliate Program

6.1. The Company has an affiliate program and the main purpose is to encourage individuals to become customers of Skylineprofits.co.uk.
6.2. The Company will pay a 5% affiliate commission fee to any Customer that refers any individual to Skylineprofits.co.uk.
6.3. The commission is added to your account in real time as soon as the referred Customer adds funds to their account.

7. Force majeure circumstances

7.1. Skylineprofits.co.uk reserves the right to suspend their services if at any time the Company's operations become affected by technological disasters, world economic crisis, earthquake, wars, revolution, epidemics and strikes.

Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Agreement

1.1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is applicable to all the personal information exchanged between Skylineprofits.co.uk and the Client.
1.2. The Company assures the confidentiality and safety of any of the personal information shared though any of the Skylineprofits.co.uk services.

2. The legitimacy of these agreements

2.1. Personal information in this regard refers to all the information provided by the Client during the account registration process, as well as when using any of the Company's services. This provision is legitimized based on the charter of the Company's registration documents.
2.2. The legitimacy of this policy will be affected by decisions made by a UK court. See Terms & Agreements for conditions relating to force majeure.